Development of Server Room Climate Data Acquisition System

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

A server park is a vital part of every business infrastructure by hosting accounting, management, administration, monitoring and development related tasks. Loss of crucial stored data will cause financial consequences. The stability, safety and data coherence of these machines need protection. In server rooms, air conditioning (AC) provides the ideal temperature. Malfunction of the AC can expose the server machines to ample damage. This document is about implementation of a solution for the aforementioned problem.

The first section will outline the basic concept of building automation, the basic functional expectation defined towards the final implementation, while introducing the building blocks, which made the creation of equipment used in system monitoring possible, meanwhile clarifying the related terminology.

After the concepts, there will be a detailed introduction to the apparatus and programs, which are fitting for assembling a humidity and temperature monitoring system. I will revise the attributes of each tool and unfold which key points I took into account during the selection of modules.

The next chapter will guide us through the purpose of the elements, connection between pieces and the different stages of development and implementation. The test system configuration and the tests, which were done to prove different problem scenarios, are also documented.

The last chapter will summarize the thesis and offer possibilities for further improvement.


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