Web based questionnaire and evaluation management system for supporting organization development

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Beyond a certain employee headcount both the Management Team and the HR department pay close attention to the functioning of the organization. The management of a company is meeting goals by constantly adjusting their ogganization's operational capability to its strategic objectives and tactical methods. The operation will be successful if employees have the opportunity of voicing their opinions and providing continuous and reliable feedback to company decision makers. Fine-tuning the operaation could be based on that. Corporate management and the functional departments prefer questionnaires, as this method is the most effective way of collecting responses, saving considerable time and preventing bias in evaluation.

It is the companies’ legitimate requirement to be able to use different measurement types, possibly supported by a software application; moreover, this application should be easy to use, clear, and uniformly interpreted for the customer.

The aim of the thesis is to create a web-based questionnaire and evaluation management system supporting organizational development. This web-based solution is applicable for collecting and evaluating employee feedback.

The majority of the application has successfully been developed, complying with the specifications. In summary, compared to the existing similar services on the market, the so far completed version of the software seems to satisfy market’s demands. Following the implementation of the key features of further development options, the system is ready for testing, and after thorough testing, the application can be marketed.


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