Representation of organizational and testing developmental levels from theoretical and practical side

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Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the couple of last decades, quick and dynamic evolution of the software industry led to several changes and transformations in the processes of software development. Driven by market requirements, newer and newer directions and views came to the fore in the life, in the culture and in the operation of the software companies.

Making sure that players in the market are capable of accommodate to the technologies thus fulfilling the demands of the clients, it was recognized in several places, that more emphasis has to be put on the testing of the software, on the ensuring of the product quality. As an outcome, the profession of testing and the role of testers became more meaningful.

Organizational culture development, including testing is an evolutionary process. Companies are facing with the recurring problem points and challenges of this initiative. Compared the evolutions in case of different firms, there might be differences, different situations, but there are some characteristics which appear in the life of every company in the IT sector, independently from the structure, the size, the culture of the company as well as the nature of represented business domain.

Dealogic Hungary Kft. is a subsidiary of Dealogic Ltd, a Carlyle company. Dealogic Hungary has been founded in 2011. The company went through several changes in the last 7 years, which facilitated the place of the company in the market.

The main topics of my thesis are to represent the organizational evolution in this company, to describe the specific testing processes from theoretical and practical side, and to adumbrate the followed ways in the future.


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