Analyses of error statistics collected by service diagnostic robots using using modern reporting tools

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

It can be considered a trend that the role of informatics is constantly growing in the companies nowadays, and the amount of stored information is increasing rapidly. Accumulated data of its own is only trade secret but it can gain real value if we can find an adequate way of use. A discipline of science already exists with such intent. Although it used to have a different name, business intelligence is not a newfangled discipline. Its methods and tools have been developed for decades by its experts in order to evolve raw data into valuable information.

This intent of creating something valuable was of the most essential factor that motivated me in choosing this subject. Moreover I found it extremely interesting and challenging to design and implement a complex system that is not only able to demonstrate the concept, but it could also be the basis of a real business system.

I will start my thesis with the introduction of the concept of business intelligence and its typical methods and tools. Then I will present the process of design and implementation in details. I have learned a lot during my work and I hope that the Reader of my thesis might get interested in the subject.


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