Tuning of servo drive controllers

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Janka Sándor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My appointed task is to review the techniques of the servo drive controlling, to set the controllers on the setup program given by the producers to the servo drive, and prove the correctness of the set parameters with calculations.

I dimensioned the controlling loops in the complex frequency domain, because here the physical behaviors can be seen well. To set the controllers, I performed the necessary calculations, then I compared the functions received at the measurement with the calculated functions. At the calculations, I applied usual simplifications. I used MATLAB program for the calculations, and the drive of the AMC for the measurements.

First, I write about the features of servo motors, then, in the second chapter, I review the equations of the permanent magnetic synch engine having cylindrical rotor. Thirdly, I outline the construction, operation and the parameters of the chosen synch engine. In the fourth unit, I give insight into the operation of the position sign transmitter. In the fifth chapter, I demonstrate the sketch of the servo drive. Next, I review the PWM and the SVM modulation briefly. In the seventh and eighth units I describe the principle of current controlling in rotating coordinate-system and the voltage equations of the synch engine. After the theoretical overview at the ninth, tenth, eleventh points, I review the measure of the controllers of the current, velocity, position loops and the correctness proving the calculations of the set parameters. In the twelfth chapter, I give a short summary.


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