Motor Controller for CNC machines

OData support
Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The goal of the thesis was to make a prototype of a servo motor system, which later could be developed further into a 3 or 4D CNC controller which I could use in my own machine.

The planned system would be different than existing solutions by using a magnetic encoder made by AMS which uses SPI protocol to communicate with the controller instead of the industry standard ABI encoders using ABI protocol. This controller would control the system by measuring the motor control, power voltage and the position, and by knowing the required position it would control the system which includes both the motor and the axis.

The result is a PCB which contains circuits for motor current and power voltage measurement, an H bridge, and it routes the SPI outputs of the chosen MCU board to connectors. The current software uses a simple PID controller to control the motor position, it can also communicate with the PC to get the desired position. All of the drivers are written to handle the AD converters and timers for a better control system.


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