Development of a contract management system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

This document presents a contract management system that I developed in Ruby on Rails in a development environment which was configured on an Ubuntu 14.04 operating system and it runs after a MySQL database system. In the developed program I simulated the whole contract management workflow of my employer company through the functional requirements defined by them. The created application means a huge development for the company compared to the previous solution, because it keeps the data integrity with using the master datas of the company, which come from a Microsoft SQL database. The document contains the list of requirements which defines the system, the method of the planning, the implementation and the testing and the improvement opportunities of the final program. While developing I used client side technologies like jQuery or Bootstrap, so the final program provides a responsive interface, which allows the user to comfortably use the application on desktop and mobile devices too. A really important and valueable function of the final application is the LDAP authentication, which executes the authentication of the employees of the comany when they log in to the system.


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