Electrical inspections of insulated aerial vehicles

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Dr. Göcsei Gábor Róbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, the possibility of the harness of electrical energy is the consumers’ disposal in any moment. The growing consumption demand keeps the electric network to ensure proper quality level at all time. It is realizable via live line work. The aim of the LLW is to reduce blackouts and increase customer’s satisfaction.

Using LLW, there are strict regulations that must be followed. Ignoring these points leads to serious accidents. The equipments used for live line work are must be capable to perform work safe wich can guaranteed through takeover and periodic tests.

In this paper I am interested in the electrical tests of aerial devices with insulating boom used for live line work. These electrical tests are included in two documents, the MSZ EN 61057 and the IEC TS 61813. It is not allowed to use one without the other. Therefore, I made a comparison to highlight the differences and the similarities.

My further goal was to introduce the different test geometries impact of the electrical tests. In the interests of this point I made simulations based on finite element method.


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