Energy supply analysis in island operation

OData support
Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the beginning of my thesis, I introduced the structure of a traditional power system and the related important requirements based on the Hungarian practice. Lately, the decentralized systems give a good alternative to the centralized systems applying local energy sources and storages. Reviewing several papers on this topic I got to the conclusion that due to the novelty and rapid development of these systems it is hard to point out the boundaries between each type. For this reason, I chose the most logical classification based on my own judgment. In the next chapters, I highlighted those dispersed generator and storage units that are considered nowadays or expected to be considered later in Hungary. In the last part of the literature research, the possibilities and technical conditions of forming, operating, resynchronizing an off-grid were discussed.

An excel file containing macros provided by E.On Hungária Plc. was used to examine off-grid systems. This file gave information of the system’s technical and economical aspects based on input parameters. First three different types of possible sub-consumers were described in detail:

A regular household in the countryside: A real 100 m2 detached house. Consuming data were available from former electricity bills.

Agriculture consumer: A significantly bigger load comparing to the detached house. The operation of a poultry house was examined based on relevant literature.

A low energy-consuming summer house: This summer house with a few load is only used between May and September for relaxation purpose. Its energy profile was also described by using former electricity bills and usual consuming methods.

After reviewing the consumers in detail, I investigated the technical and economical possibility of supplying these consumers via container consists of a PV system with storage. I also examined the functions of the excel file and gave some suggestions for further development. I came to the conclusion that consumer with big energy demand and a variable energy profile needs a large and costly storage unit, for this reason, the container is not suitable for the supplement in this case, however, it is a real possibility for a regular household and a summer house.


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