Electrical characterization of surfaces and layered structures on silicon carbide

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Dr. Mizsei János
Department of Electron Devices

The development of production technology involved the evolution of new measurement methods. Without this development the characterization of new devices and the supervision of standardized production would not be assured. The Semilab Zrt. provides numerous tactile and non-tactile measurement methods for determining the typical parameters of semiconductor structures.

In today’s semiconductor technology several materials, different from monocristal silicon, are used in the production of electronic devices for specialized applications. Such applications like the rapidly developping display technology and power electronics rely on materials like gallium-nitrid (GaN) and silicon-carbid (SiC).

Measurement methods for silicon-carbid are not yet well known. This provided the reason to start a research on the applicapibility of the current measurement methods on silicon-carbid.

In this thesis I examine the efficiency of theese methods in the case of silicon-carbid and I describe different methods to convert the current measurement techniques applicable to silicon-carbid and increase their efficiency.

In the thesis I give a review on the VQ- and CV-techniques and I also provide information on the basis of my observations which could lead to further development in the production technology of semiconductor devices especially in the case of power electronics.


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