Development of simulation environment for the Sinumerik Edge platform

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The test environment of the Sinumerik Edge Dataflow project’s team is a stable,

well-maintained system that tests an essential system application of the Edge platform,

called Databus. Test cases can be generated using a high-dependency, Excel spreadsheetbased software, which has no user interface.

The goal of this thesis is to create a more advanced, low-dependency, userfriendly, interactive application with a user interface,

that allows you to define test cases smoothly. The input of the application is a list of parameters defined by the tester, and the

output is a JSON configuration file serving as the input of the test system.

In this thesis I present the current test system and the test generating software for

the first time and analyze their weaknesses. Then I present the architecture I designed.

The application's back-end module is a JSON Serializer interface used by the application's

front-end module, the GUI interface. I define the parameters that can be specified by the

tester in detail and then implement the Serializer module in Python3 programming

language. Then I introduce the implementation of the GUI, for which I use the Tkinter

binding of the Tk graphical library. At the end of the thesis I present the completed

application and then talk about the software limitations and further tasks.

The extension of the test generator can also be deployed with ease in case new

components are introduced, and on long-term it has a certain place in the Sinumerik Edge

Dataflow test system.


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