Measurement colour discrimination on wide spectral samples

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Dr. Ábrahám György István
Department of Mechatronics, Optics and Engineering Informatics

Our experiences connected to colours have an impact on all of us, since our early years throughout our entire life. Therefore it is important what colour vision we have.

We have two possibilities to describe colour vision: one is with colour identification, thus the proper colour matching; and the other is with the skill of colour discrimination that determines which is the smallest visible difference within the shapes of a given colour that a person can perceive.

First I summarised the state-of-the-art knowledge regarding colour vision. I continued with reviewing the working mechanism of the Cambridge Colour Test that is appropriate for measuring colour discrimination and is internationally recognised in such experiments. On the MOGI department of the University there is a Cambridge Colour Test, thus I was able to use this instrument during my experiments. I developed a process based on different saturation points for measuring people with colour deficiency and I tested it with the Cambridge programme.

I made measurements on people with normal colour vision and on colour deficient people. I analysed the results separately for all groups. First I examined the measurements of the people with normal colour vision and then I compared the results with those in international research. In case of colour deficient people I reviewed first the results gained without corrective filters then those with using the corrective filters. I determined what the effect is of using different types of colour filtering lenses on the colour discrimination skill of colour deficient people.

Finally I made a table on profession-health with the scope of recommending that in certain professions where previously colour deficiency has been an exclusion criterion, by using the proper correction filter the employment of colour deficient people could be allowed.


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