Development of color information monitoring tools for a real-time compositor software

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The paper is about a software that was made by me for my bachelor thesis and

implements tools that have been used by the film industry for the last couple of decades

and can be integrated into a real time compositor software - that has been given to me –

as a plugin. The tools require an input such as an image or video feed, and then derive the

colour information from the individual pixels of the current frame and represent said

information in a graphic manner back to the user.

The tools implemented are a vectorscope and a waveform monitor, which are used

in the industry to calibrate cameras, to colour correct images. The tools can be used to set

the mood of a project only using the information of the tools and colour correction.

The tools must reach the level of functionality that is used by the industry

softwares both in performance and precision. The requirement in performance wise is to

be able to run at the speed of the leading video feed, giving real time information about

the project. Precision wise the tools must give proper result for similar pictures as the tool

being used by the industry, or have differences based on the underlying principles of the

projects mathematical background.

The final goal for the tools to be integrated into a pre-existing compositor software

as a plugin. The software is made in Qt framework, so the tools must be compatible with

the framework or implemented especially in it.


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