Synchronization Networks Based on Synchronous Ethernet instead of SDH for Mobile Networks

OData support
Jakab Tivadar
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In today’s telecommunications networks due to the increased traffic there is a constant need to introduce new technologies to the telecommunication networks. More and more operators rely on packet based networks to serve these needs, and they also try to make their networks more simple, cost effective and multipurpose. The packed based networks introduce many new problems in the telecommunications world. One of these problems is synchronization of a mobile network over Ethernet. My thesis is focused on this problem.

The SONET/SDH networks’ method for synchronization is the most widespread nowadays, but this function is not available in packet based networks. Converting this method to packet based networks would help the expansion of next generation networks, and replacing the current TDM networks. I summarize the synchronization standards, clock types, and explain the requirements for the new SyncE function for the packed based networks. I specify testing methodology for the synchronization in the aggregation networks to be built, and finally present some results and findings based on measurements.


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