Stagecontrol system extension for Windows / XP

OData support
Izsó Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

There is no such form of the arts, where we don’t mention the ancient greeks. The theatre and the theatricals are also not exceptions about this, it was a big part of peoples cultural life back in those days too. It survived many ages and it’s still very popular in the presenet days too. Good example for this, that the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has its own theatre more than 50 years.

The subject of my thesis is an other theatre at Budapest, which is under maintenance now. Related to the process there are some new ideas to expand the capabilites of the current stagecontrol system. As part of that, they would like to renew the interfaces as well. There would be a Windows application, which could be used at multiple places, such as on a new, integrated PC linked with the current PLC system or at the office too. I created an application as one possibble solution for this task, and now I’m preseneting its development process and also some parts of the result.

Firstly I became familiar with the existing PLC system, what are the capabilities and the limits, which way could be developed further. The key elements of the software were tested as separate applications to be sure, they are working correctly with the PLC. Considering those results, I wrote one, final piece of software, which works well with the system and also tested thoroughly.


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