Synthetic Aperture Radar

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Dr. Dudás Levente
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

This thesis represents a possible method for remote imaging called the Inverse

Synthetic Aperture Radar. A suitable algorithm based on this method is capable of

create two-dimensional image from a moving object. During this semester I learned

the physical background of remote sensing, especially the theory of imaging radars.

I had an oppurtunity to study a working radar system. I wrote a MATLAB script

to process the recorded les of the radar.

The rst chapter is an introduction to the physical background needed for understanding

imaging radar systems, such as SAR or ISAR. This chapter contains the

radar-equation, the Doppler-eect and the principles of synthetic aperture.

The second chapter deals with the radar equipment developed in 619. laboratory

of Department of Broadband Infocommunicatons and Electromagnetic Theory at

BUTEs Electrical Engineering Faculty. I examined the capabilities of this radar

creating ISAR images.

The third chapter explains the signal processing algorithm realised in MATLAB

for creating ISAR images from recorded data. At the and of the chapter, I present

some notable further development capabilities.

The appendices contain the MATLAB scripts plotting function-curves during the

theoretical introduction and the source code of the processing algorithm.


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