Leakage current measurement on MOSFET-s with integrated Gate-Source resistance

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Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My task was to investigate and solve an ICT measurement technical problem in the factory of Robert Bosch Elektronika Ltd. Hatvan. The issue was a leakage current measurement error on a power module based on MOSFETs, because of the parasitic effects of the wiring between the product and the measurement device. Having collected the necessary information, I examined the base of the problem and suggested a solution for that. An additional electronic circuit was needed for the measurement, which had the role, to compensate the error caused by the integrated resistors of the product. After I discovered the design failures of the previous version, on the basis of my observations and calculations I designed a new module for the test system, besides I suggested changing some of the wires in the measurement device. I also designed a manual contacting device, which made the measurement process in the laboratory easier. With the help of this device, I was able to test the circuit I planned, and I managed to observe the effects of the wiring on the leakage current measurements. After considering several solutions, I found the primary error source, and I made a reconstruction on the test systems of the production line.


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