Tasks and use of pumped-hydro power plants in power systems

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The economic growth and development are the fundemental interest of all the countries. The continuous economic development bring about growing industrial loads and electric energy consumption. Actually electric energy demand has been served usually by fossil-fuel power stations. In long term it couldn’t be sustainable, because we are running out of fossil-fuel. The threat of climate change has made it obvious, that we are going to have to reduce the CO2 emissions. Climate change concerns, coupled with high oil price and increasing government support are driving increasing the total renewable energy consumption. By using clean alternative energies, the problem of power control and frequency regulation are going to increase. Nowadays pumped-storage hydroelectricy (henceforth PSH) has become a flexible, and rapid-response equipment of transmission system operator, which could be the solution for power system control and stabilty problems.

The benefits of PSH could help Hungarian power system, for exemple load balancing, or frequency control, especially this could be the solution for the off-peak hours. PSH is used to even out the daily generation load, by pumping water to a higher reservoir during off-peak hours, using the excess of base-load capacity from coal or nuclear sources. During peak hours, this water could be used for hydroelectric generation, often as high value rapid-response reserve to cover the transient peaks in demand.

In my thesis, I am going to present the Hungarian energy policy from the National Energy Strategy 2030 and from the Hungary’s National Renewable Energy Action Plan. After presenting in details the operation and the potential of the PSH, I am going to make a recommendation for the maximum installed capacity by using the data publication of actual system load, then I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of my results.


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