Assessment and integration of scripting languages in Java environment

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The script languages are providing the opportunity to write programs which do not require generating a binary program understood by the computer, but they can be executed directly with the help of a so-called script interpreter. Their use allows the user to write a sequence of operations, which can be executed by the computer automatically, in a fast, random error-free way.

In my thesis, I have analyzed script engines made for the Java platform and their supported script languages. I have studied what standards and recommendations are created to support scripting and should be followed by the script engines made for the platform. I have examined which script languages are available for the Java platform, and I have chosen some for further examination. I have determined what capabilities are these script languages and engines have, and how could they be integrated within the Java environment. Also, I have made measurements to determine how these script languages and engines relate to each other, and how integration with Java impacts their performance. Finally I have analyzed the results and drew my conclusions on the learned technologies.


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