Automatic generation of software API and test documentation

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Increasingly complex applications result in increasingly longer codes. Consequently, there is growing demand for API documentation belonging to the programmes that can facilitate software maintenance and development as well. In addition, the number and complexity of the tests increase with the code.

Therefore, the major platforms support the automatic generation of API documentation. Moreover, in some cases e.g. .NET, Java, they even contain the necessary integrated tools. In addition, it is possible to use general documentation generator software (Doxygen) that support more than one platform.

They are certainly useful, but in some cases it can be necessary to define the logical structure of the output as well. In addition, the usage of text formatting or styles can also arise. The current documentation generator programmes do not or only partially meet the requirements above.

The major platforms support the creation and execution of tests, and often they also contain the necessary tool for it. Of course, there are also general testing tools and test documentation creator programs (Selenium, AutoIt).

But these do not cover the need to test the desktop and web applications without the need of separate programs. In addition, the need of using the text formatting and styles arises as in the API documentation.

The goal of my Diploma is to plan and develop a program, that can solve the previous problems.


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