Design and implementation of an SDR based wireless measurement tool

OData support
Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

This Thesis Project presents the results of theoretical studying of principles of today’s most popular wireless networking technologies and the results of practical work on implementation of analysis tool for 2.4 GHz frequency band channels. The review of principles of software-defined radio is necessary in order to outline the potentialities of applying SDR paradigm for investigation of radio channels. This can give a lot of options by using computing power of a PC for signal processing. However, the given hardware makes its limitations and one of the tasks is to define whether the Ethernet transmission capacity is enough for analysis performance and outline a possible preprocessing procedure in order to reduce data rate through the channel of relatively small capacity.

After the studying of possible opportunities, in this work there are simulation results of the processes that are necessary for the main task purposes and the detailed description of the implemented in FPGA networking solution for data transmission. However, the capabilities provided by the SDR approach and the FPGA networking framework give the great potentials for the further extension of the functionality of the tool being implemented and these possible approaches are also considered here.


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