Software reference management portal

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


The aim of my thesis was to plan, develop, and implement a software reference management portal which integrates today's modern technologies. During the preparation of my thesis I got to know, and learnt those modern web technologies, frameworks which are essentials for a well functioning, dynamic, web portal which uses interactive user interface.

I got basic knowledge of the database management, the pages design with PHP, HTML, and CSS elements, the creating of responsive interface, and the JavaScript technologies, preeminently about the jQuery and AngularJS frameworks, which I tried to use during the preparation of my application.

Firstly, I planned what kind of features I would like to have in my system, and I acquired the knowledge which I needed. Then I built the PHP structure which means the base of the application. I created the database which is necessary for the application operation, and the data storage. I also develop the interactive user interface with JavaScript technologies.

The application provides an opportunity to the user to modify, or delete his or her own profile after the registration, and login. Depending on the user's rank it supports to create, modify, or delete references. It also supports to list, modify, or delete the data of the application users, and send a message to the user about the amended records.


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