The analysis and implementation of a licensing mechanism of software products in a corporate environment

OData support
Dr. Hullám Gábor István
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

One of the most important components of commercial softwares is the right licensing mechanism. This guarantees that users can use the software only in a way they are entitled by the software developer. Furthermore, this protects the developer against financial damage resulting from unauthorized use.

On the other hand, the use of the right method plays an important role also in the marketability. The primary purchase decision criterion for potential customers is the proportionality between software functionality requirements and the price, and also how similar it is to the usual solutions.

In my thesis, firstly I will collect the licensing and sales methods applied today. Based on this information, I will choose the best solution for the software that will be released soon by the company who supports my thesis topic. If the sales department of the company accepts my proposal, then it will be my task to prepare this solution. First I will collect the requirements and make plans based on them. Later, I will implement the component based on the plans and integrate it into the software. The last step of my task will be testing.

An important aspect of my task is to create a solution that can also be used later in an-other project, with the least modification required.


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