Measuring software test coverage in embedded controllers

OData support
Dr. Majzik István
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays developed safety-critical embedded systems must comply with more strict requirements and the standards are also more strict and complicated. The requirements must be certified and the code coverage metrics are providing support for the test quality specifications, which are examined in the certification.

The ProSigma railway signal transceiver equipment developed by Prolan Irányítástechnikai Zrt. provides the highest safety integrity level (SIL 4). The system follows Triple Modular Redundancy architecture, so there are three different hardware, three different programs running on them and three different compilers to compile these programs.

The aim of the thesis is to search and develop a tool, which provides software based support for the code coverage measurement and eliminates the limitations of the embedded controller with high configurability. I investigated corresponding free and commercial tools. One of the tools was CATES (Coverage Analysis Tool for Embedded Systems), which provides statement and branch coverage measurement. This tool was further developed during my work. It was extended with the C complier dialects, which are used in the ProSigma tool. I have developed the tool configurable on which methods we want to instrument and measure the code coverage of them. I have made the tool able to measure condition coverage and modified condition/decision coverage.


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