Development of Sonatype Nexus Code Repository System

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

For enterprise software developer companies, management of code packages is a large concern.

Code repository management systems like Sonatype Nexus deliver a solution for this problem.

My thesis explains the generally applicable method Nexus uses for creating and managing repositories.

I point out the short comings of the system, which created the demand for further development.

To meet the demands of the given company structure and software development process, customization of the system is needed.

This is achievable through developing the REST services offered by the system.

Then the consumer clients have to be prepared to make use of them.

I demonstrate how to design a suitable data model to describe the software packages.

My thesis details the methods used for designing, developing and testing of such REST services.

Furthermore it will show how different consumers, clients can be use them to great effect.

I make use of many supporting technologies like: Apache Maven, Plexus, Jetty Servlet, Ext-JS, JUnit, SoapUI.


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