Measurement based evaluation of Software Defined Networks

OData support
Bozóki Szilárd
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the past few years storing our daily schedule, documents and photos, even our favor-ite music in the cloud gained enormous popularity. This technology became part of our everyday lives, it offers a wide range of services to satisfy user demand. Cloud compu-ting aims to deliver solutions for fast resource allocation, flexible configuration man-agement and secured network access to provide on-demand compute resource for cus-tomers. The connection for these claimed resources are provided by the cloud’s net-working system. This network consists of both physical and software defined segments which makes the communication possible between the user, the management systems and the allocated resources. OpenFlow is one of the available software defined net-working standards, OpenFlow based solutions can help to create innovative routing and switching protocols in the network. For this purpose it separates the physical network’s control and data plane to be able to manage the data paths through a control layer for multiple devices. This separation gives the ability to implement new functionalities and additional intelligence to the physical network with an external controller service. However adding this feature to a network design is only possible for firms if the per-formance evaluation of the related applications are satisfy the company’s demands. There are multiple performance analyzer tools available for this purpose.

In my thesis I’m going to evaluate OpenFlow capable devices in a physical and virtual environment. Frist I will describe and give an example to how an SDN solution looks like. Also I will write about the OpenFlow protocol. I’m going to evaluate the charac-teristics and some performance data for these OpenFlow controllers and the virtual switch. During the benchmarking I will collect latency and throughput information about the network devices - the controllers and the virtual switch. I will also cover how these devices work, what solutions are available on the market and I’m going to give a brief description about their properties. My goal is to make the performance tests re-producible for future use and to visualize the queried data for the easier understanding.


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