ADF Based Software Development

OData support
Kardkovács Zsolt Tivadar
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays we live in the era of web applications, almost everything can be arranged by just using a computer and a browser. We search for information on the Internet, social networks’ popularity are sky-rocketing and more online transactions are made day by day. There is a wide range of transactions you can issue on governments’ portals, internet banking application or other service providers’ webpages. A modern, easy-to-use and informative web application is key to any company’s succes.

It’s wise not to start developing these webpages from scratch but to use some kind of foundation previously developed. A suitable foundation is provided by Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF). It provides easy-to-use tools to display a database’s content on a web interface and to supply our users with a comfortable way to create, retrieve, update and delete data.

In this thesis we examine the model layer of ADF, since one of the first questions that arise when developing ADF applications is how we want to handle databases. Our two options are ADF Business Components (ADF BC) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), both supported by the framework. Our aim is to compare these options through creating the same funcionality with both.

After a general discussion of frameworks, the thesis presents the two technologies and through a sample application’s individual functionalities compares the two.


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