Software design for a safaety-critical signal transport system

OData support
Csordás Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, in railway signaling systems the most common transport medium is

copper wire. In the novel applications, it is practical to solve this data transport with

up to date fiber optics or some kind of wireless technology. In these applications,

a faulty device could cause serious environmental, financial and personal damages.

That is why the most important factor during the system design is safety.

Prolan Process Control Corporation is developing a safety-critical railway signal-

ing system. My task has been to get involved in the design procedure of the device,

especially the software design and implementation of a system module. The mo-

dule manages signal receiving and transmitting to a railway object, and implements

railway specific signal processing.

The first part of the thesis is introducing the design methods of safety-critical

systems, considering the specifications of railway systems. Further parts explain the

structure of the signal transport system, paying particular attention to safety case.

The main goal of this document is to present the steps of the software design and

construction plans of the system module.


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