Software development and integration in .NET environment

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the role of language transition becomes increasingly important, with a few areas where there is no need to translate information into different languages. As the amount of information to be translated is increasing, translation needs to be done faster and more efficiently. Herein various computer-aided translation (CAT) tools support translation services agencies, large enterprises and individual translators as well.

One of the most popular CAT tools on the market is memoQ. MemoQ has all the tools that are essential in a modern CAT software such as translation memories, term bases, machine translation, and so on. The software also includes an optional deployable server application that significantly simplifies teamwork for translation projects.

However, the efficiency of translation of large amounts of information depends not only on the CAT tool used, but also on project management. There are many project management tools on the market, one of them is the Language Terminal, which specially supports the management of translation projects. Language Terminal is a web based software that is independent of the used CAT tool.

There was a need to implement the integration between the memoQ server and the Language Terminal so that the project management services provided by the Language Terminal can be used through the memoQ client extended with additional features. My job was to implement some of the features associated with the integration of the two systems. My work can be divided into two major units. On the one hand, I have created a feature that allows connecting memoQ server users to Language Terminal workers, and on the other hand, I have implemented the function that allows creating various financial statements and performing cost calculations.


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