Automated analysis of software error reports

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

While a software is running, there can be errors. These can be various and it is not easy to find out what causes them. Developers try to prevent these errors with quality assurance during the software development and with continuous verification. However the real-time systems can provide errors too.

Usually software send these errors in the form of error tickets. It is important, that how we process and interpret these error tickets because this is the way how we can fix the errors and improve the system. These error tickets need automatic processing because of their amount and interpretation.

I was working on a processing unit recently. On the basis of this I used the Elasticsearch NOSQL database. First of all I had to get to know this program and I had to examine that, will this be suitable for my tasks. After I was appropriate I started to build my processing unit.

In one of my tasks I made a simple analyzer which detects errors connecting to decent user groups. In my other task I used a Data mining algorithm to make a program which can tell fortune based on probability. At the end of my dissertation, I deal with what are the other possibilities in this field.


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