Automatization of softwareintegration tests

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Power steering belongs to the basic standard features of automobiles. More and more factories sell their cars with Electro-Mechanical Power Steering system. It can be described on the simplest way that an electric motor gives the assist to the driver but the mechanical connection remains between the steering wheel and the wheel of the car. In the most cases the V-model is used at the development process. The right side of this model requires tests after software integration process too. There are many kinds of software integration test, nowadays the so-called smoke test are currently prevalent. This can be time-consuming, therefore the automation is expedient. Other advantages are objectivity, reproducibility, determinism, and the exactly generated test report.

Python scripts are often used for automation tasks. HIL simulators are using python scripts at ECU software tests too. Consistency in mind IronPython is the best solution for embedding the initial .NET implementations into the python test environment. But it can induce some difficulties and other challenges are included in that exciting project too.


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