Software Defined Radio Using FPGA Technology

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of my thesis is designing software-defined radio in an FPGA environment.

At first, in he preliminary section I define the concept of software radio, the causes of it’s creation, it’s application areas, it’s advantages and disadvantages. I give the current technological constraints, which are the causes of it’s slow proliferation, and which also mark out the main research areas.

In the first section I will examine two products from the market in detail. Then I will draw up the block diagram of a general software radio, which will be the basis of my own design.

In the next chapter I will introduce all the possible course lines which are showed up during the development process and I will explain why they turned to be as dead ends. At the end of the chapter I give the schematic structure of my system, and I will detail the function blokks of it in the next sections.

The development process is described in the Hardware and Firmware chapters, how could I solve the diferent difficulties and problems. The design flow of the RF-card, the FPGA hardware and the implementation process of operating firmware are also presented.

At the end another theoretical part follows. I will introduce two alternative softwares, which can cooperate with my hardware and realize a software radio.


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