Analyzing software development methodologies of QML-based mobile applications

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular, therefore the number of mobile sfotware developers is also increasing. Qt is a very popular cross-platform development environment, the latest addition of which is the QML, a declarative language for describing graphical user interfaces fast and easily. Qt allows developing for multiple mobile platforms (Symbian, MeeGo) and supports the most widely used desktop systems. Mindful planning is a key step in software development and it cannot be missed. In QML application the logic is implemented in JavaScript, with some QML-specific restriction. Because of the restrictions the design methods used in object-oriented languages can not be thoroughly used, and therefore multi-platform application development according to a common software design is also difficult. The biggest problem in case of QML is the lack of classes and interfaces. This dissertation describes these problems and their solution, and it refers to what methods should be used when designing the application. The results will be demonstrated with a sample application. The complete sample application design can be found in this thesis, as well as the complete source code which is also included.


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