Analysis of software test coverage measurements

OData support
Dr. Dabóczi Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In safety critical systems deep and multilevel software testing of the Electronic Control Unit is indispensible. Power assisted steering is a typical safety-critical system where unexpected abnormal behavior can endanger human life also.

I made my thesis at the company ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary Ltd. dealing with electric power assisted steering. In my work I briefly review the operation of the steering system, the software testing principles, methods, and main levels. I mention the software development according to the V-model, as well as the importance of the HIL (Hardware In the Loop) testing. I implemented a system in Python programming language, which process the measurement results of the automatic test execution coverage. The results are depicted in the form of a transparent report. In the course of the data processing function coverage is analyzed by several aspects, among others which function in the software is called, how large is the memory necessity of it, is it developped by the company, what is its complexity. Modules and functions of modules are listed in the visualizer interface. I calculate the function coverage of the modules, according to the pieces and memory necessity of functions as well as the coverage values of functions developped in the company, and all the functions too.


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