Software Testing Support Tool Developement in an Ensurance Company

OData support
Sógorné Dr. Balla Katalin
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

It is the organizational leaders’ (resource owners) task to decide about the employees’ everyday duties and how much time they should spend with them. In project based working companies, it means that the project managers ask for people from the resource owners to achieve their tasks. In order to solve the project resource needs effectively, it is necessary for the leaders to have proper reports about the actual and expected loadings.

The aim of my thesis is to deliver an IT solution where the resource reports can be created automatically for the testing leaders. To come to this point, it was necessary to examine the current method. Due to the help of test leaders, an alternative has been developed that helps leaders effectively make reports according to their demand.

The spiral development model has been applied during the software development. To achieve the final result I created several prototypes. The regular consultations made possible frequent validations of the development, the determination of the tasks of upcoming interactions and the clarification of specification.

Throughout the preparation I chose to make a Java-based, 3-layer web application. The database is a Microsoft SQL Server type while the business logic and presentation layer is based on Apache Tomcat web- and servlet container. During planning, it was indispensable to examine all the alternative options. I observed 9 Java and 6 JavaScript-based solutions for the production of graphs and for the prosessing of Excel files I examined two alternatives. Taking into account the needs of development, I chose the best possible option for the purpose.

Before transmission, all developments were tested in development environment, then it was installed to the client-side and tested by the customer. The system finally got approved.


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