Software defined networking solutions in the cloud

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During the semester I get to know to the fully open sourced OpenStack cloud software, its components and the way it functions. I have tried several automatized installers before installing the final version of OpenStack Juno on the provided hardware (computers, switches, cables). In the installed environment users can launch virtual machine instances, create small test networks and simulate data flows. Before going on I ran functionality tests on the deployed cloud infrastructure.

After successful tests I read a lot about software defined networks, SDN controllers, existing realizations and the ability to be integrated into OpenStack. We decided to continue with OpenDaylight, a Java based SDN solution, after reviewing most of the possible products. It took me several tries and a lot of time but I successfully replaced built-in neutron networking with an OpenDaylight managed mechanism. After I built up an OpenStack Juno with OpenDaylight Helium, I managed to install two Load Balancer environments that direct traffic according to network usage. One of them is implemented with a dedicated server and software on it, the other one uses the integrated OpenDaylight and OVS switches.

During the project I had to not only build up a multi-machine cloud cluster but also create VPN for remote management and secure the environment with various tools.


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