Service management in a container based virtualization system

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Container based virtualization systems are rapidly growing and being researched and deployed in many different industry sectors. They provide a convenient and lightweight solution, assuring efficient and flexible resource sharing among different applications and services. This Thesis work is a comprehensive study of container based frameworks and their networking solutions. Networking is an important aspect of container based service provisioning and impacts the performance of the services. For a more detailed investigation I selected Kubernetes, I overviewed the best networking solutions available for this container orchestrator. I focused on the two widely used alternatives, WeaveNet and Flannel. I proposed a test environment and I implemented an automated Kubernetes deployment tool that sets up this environment on a cluster of bare metal servers. I used the iperf benchmarking tool to provide a measurement based evaluation of the performance of networking solutions, and I found that WeaveNet can sustain higher throughputs than Flannel. Finally I concluded my work.


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