Service Layer and Fingerprinting Infrastructure for Cloud-based Music Metadata Provider

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The frequency of downloading files from the internet is growing day by day. Audio files are no exception to this trend. For an average user, organizing a constantly growing music collection with the software tools available remains complicated even today. At the same time, music listeners own more and more devices, arising the need for a portable and global music profile.

Using existing services for content-based music identification is the most manifest solution, taking into account their massive databases of authoritative metadata. We would like to combine their functionality and support for portable music profiles in such way, that profiles are built on the acquired authoritative metadata.

In order to achieve this, music files should be discovered by our service, their identity should be saved in our global database, association between them and the external metadata should be created, and the resulting data set should be synchronized with the client applications on the devices.

My role consists of implementing the framework of the client application, with support of different modes of operation, integrating the component responsible for fingerprinting, and creating the service-layer on the server.


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