Developing an application supporting grape cultivation on Google App Engine platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the concept of viticulture and wine-growing are closely interconnected. Regarding the terms of Hungarian, the grape and wine production gained international reputation with these distinctive quality, which occurs primarily by the regional characteristics of the country. This reputation would not have been reached without strict regulations, types of qualifications and the numerous cross breedings.

My degree paper aims to create a system that supports grape production and suits to improve the quality of grape and wine. This goal can be reached if the wine growers and experts use a common platform where they can collect information about existing vine varieties by using community capabilities. Nevertheless, a large database filled with various parameters can be created about vine varieties with the system, I would like to support the grape producers by making their own, real sized wine estate plan in detail, where they can use the previously collected knowledge.

The central web-application was based on Google App Engine cloud platform, where there were used several Java Enterprise Edition platform technologies. In my degree I present and utilize Slim3, which is a full-stack MVC framework and GWT, which is a framework based on Java technology. The vineyard accurate planner part implementation was made with Google Maps API.

In order to extend the central component capabilities, a mobile application was designed which was based on Android operating system. The mobile device’s positioning system provide precise information for the user of the application, which extends the system main capabilities.


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