Lighting of Clubs

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Dr. Némethné Vidovszky Ágnes
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This topic of my thesis was inspired by spending much time in bars,

nightclubs, the used technology at such places and the course I had taken in

lighting. People like to relax and to have a good time and they tend to seek a

suitable place for these kinds of activities. From various options clubs are

suitable for such activities for a Friday or Saturday Night.

These places use the achievements of modern technology, such as

lighting to entertain and positively influence the mood of the guests. This

stimulation can be achieved by using different colored lamps in different

arrangements and the way the colors varying in each lamp.

The basis of my work is the club called Moulin Rouge, found in Budapest.

The reason of this choice is that the venue is out of order and is under

reconstruction at the moment. Therefore the opportunity is given to design and

present the lighting design of a real venue.

In my work I deal with the production of the lighting design, fulfilling the

given task, in addition I will also mention background literature and standards

which were used. Furthermore, I will mention which software I have used and

what steps I have made to achieve the result. Then I will present the results

comparing with the initial conditions.

In addition to the literature, I have also gone to the venue to do an on-site

survey in order to make as realistic model as possible.


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