Comparing measurement and configuration of stator testing devices

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Due to the growing popularity of electric cars these days more and more vehicle manufacturers present their electric models. Following the trend Audi is developing its own electric vehicles, the first of them is expected to be released in 2018. Electric machines to be used in these vehicle’s drivetrain will be manufactured in Győr.

My task set by Audi Hungaria Zrt. was to examine the stator testing machines operating on different divisions of the factory, make comparative measurements and analysis, and find their optimal parameter setup. My goal was to find a setup for each testing machine in order to have each measurement on the same stator bring the same results regardless of the place or instrument type.

In my thesis I briefly overview the manufacturing process of electric machines with the interceding electric measurements. In the following part I review the stator High Voltage measurements during manufacturing, based on the literature, then present the stator tests and parameter settings of tester machines locally available. Following that I present the process of parameter search for the appropriate settings based on the conducted measurements. In the end I present the repeatability and reproducibility analysis results for the testers operating in standardized production.

I conducted my work in Audi’s Devlopement of electric drives division, where I received every kind of professional support. I hereby express my sincere gratitude to Tibor Varga for his professional support, Peter Sipos for helping me with measurements of testers on line production and Ábel Szabó for his help with measurements on the experimental production area.


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