Analysis of the Stereoscopic 3D Display Technology and Controller Devices in Industrial Applications

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Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Stereoscopic 3D technology is nowadays getting more and more mature with the continous development

of the capable devices and the widening area of users. It has become affordable enough to get into

many households and professional enough to be used in industrial applications. Controller devices

have also faced a big change: three or more degrees-of-freedom controlling and haptic/force feedback

devices are not unusual anymore, they can be used in many games and professional environments.

The aim of this paper is to analyze the benefits and backdraws of the combined use of stereoscopic

3D technology and advanced controller devices in terms of industrial applicability.

In this paper I introduce the stereoscopic 3D display method in detail and show how 3D visualization

and advanced controller devices together can enhance the immersion of industrial applications. The

analysis is conducted through presenting different use cases.

The industrial need is not only to reproduce the everyday stimuli which affect the user, but to

further enhance the possibilities using these technologies. 3D visualization can be used to show the

existing view of the given environment, but also to show even more with different viewpoints. Three

or more degrees-of-freedom devices can give a good control, but also with their haptic capabilities

can give warning or informative feedback to the user.

Possible application areas of the analysis: testing industrial scenarios in 3D with simulating

real-world environments; more effective choice between controller devices to give the best control

over the machinery and haptic feedback.


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