Habilitation aid for children with birth injuries

OData support
Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My master's thesis is based on the so-called Huple® device, which can effectively develop coordination, movement and balancing skills by dynamically stimulating the vestibular system. My task has been helping the extension of the therapy the device used in. For this reason first an accelerometer, later a sensor fusion device was installed on the Huple®. With the use of these devices the movement of the Huple can be monitored using a personal computer.

The Huple® is patented by Dr. Judit Schultheisz, and can be used for versatile therapies. It is a hemisphere made of plastic in which infants can lie, children can sit or stand. Playful exercises done in the hemisphere facilitate their development.

One main aim of my work was to make the sensor equipped device an input peripheral for personal computers. Thus concerned children can control PC games while using the Huple®, keeping them motivated and interested for a long time.

The other main aim was to research how the whole system can be used as an objective condition survey method. This could help in the identification of the central and peripheral nervous system disorders, and could provide further motivation for the injured, who can see the result of their therapy.


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