Determination of Main Dimensions of a Superconducting Transformer

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Transformers are one of the most expensive equipment of the energy industry. That is the reason why the participants of the electric energy industry regard their cost effective designing as an important factor. Similarly, it is important to keep the full cost of their life-span as low as possible. Depending on their role and operation the losses arising from inactivity and short-closing are a major consideration during designing. Therefore, I think it is crucial to examine the possibilities for new methods. In presenting my thesis, I intend to compare solutions for transformers with superconductors for both costs and designing factors. I am designing the transformers for continuous operation, so the economic calculations are used in harmony and in proportion with the operation costs of the capitalization factors including the costs for the losses relating to inactivity and short-closing. During designing, I define the ONAN (oil natural air natural) operation for normal transformers. It is essential to take the regulations for short-cuts into consideration during designing transformers, and this goal can be achieved in a number of ways. One of these ways is to design self-controlling transformers reflecting the characteristics of superconducting materials. Another possibility is to reach the expected drop size with the help of sizing the main insulation. I will present the difference between the transformers which are created with the two different ways of designing. In addition, I will highlight the topic of superconductors in view of the typical features of the available superconducting belts, together with the characteristics of three superconducting transformers.


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