Implementation and Simulational Investigation of TCP Optimization Methods in LTE Networks

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Drozdy Árpád
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Due to the evolution of mobile technology and the emergence of terminals like smart phones, Internet based applications mostly accessed over the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) have become dominant on mobile platforms. However, since the TCP flow control mechanisms were designed for wired environments, short-term degradations on the air interface of radio access systems or the TCP’s timeout driven recovery mechanisms may lead to unnecessary performance drops and increased latency. TCP optimization of mobile networks is a current, and important research area aimed at reducing access time to content and increase the efficiency of data transmission. Now there are several mechanisms that aims at TCP performance improvement over wireless links both with additional features at the terminal side or network element side. In my thesis I will explain several, already existing method for optimize TCP, and I will investigate at least two methods in details with simulations and the possible performance gain of the solutions will be presented.


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