Study of TFET device characteristics using selected low-k, high-k or other gate dielectric materials

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Currently, the semiconductor industry is making a variety of semiconductor products based on the MOSFET driving principle of silicon materials. Efforts such as reducing the gate length are needed to make a high performance and ultra-small device while utilizing MOSFET. However, it is time to develop future semiconductor devices such as tunneling fet (TFET) due to limitations such as short channel effect, which is caused by shortening the gate length.

TFET is expected to be able to operate normally even under very low driving voltage of 1V or less. Therefore, using TFET can achieve high performance compared with conventional MOSFET while consuming less power and realize high energy efficiency semiconductor devices. Therefore, this study will define the driving principle and necessity of TFET. Furthermore, silicon oxides are generally used as gate dielectrics in conventional TFETs, but in the case of high-k and low-k transistors, we will find better performance transistors by examining how their characteristics change.

All the characteristics and results of this study are analyzed by work station, and steps such as program installation, standard device setup, and new material application are required. This whole process is done as a team, and I have contributed to the role of information gathering, simulation operation and so on.


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