Elimination of Placement Errors and Improving the Accuracy and Placement Precision of TWS Quadra Laser Component Placement Machine

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology


In electronics assembling technology, component mounting automates are essential parts of the production. They provide a high-speed, precise, highly reliable component mounting for electric assemblies in a very cost-effetive way.

The object of my work was to measure and assess the mounting accuracy and trying to find methods to eliminate the extent of inaccuracy of the TWS Quadra Laser semi-automatic component mounting machine at the Department of Electronics Technology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The results of the experiment were documented for further evaluation and as a base of a comparison with other measurements in the future.

My aim was to improve the mounting effectivity of the machine. To reach this, two possible ways are: to increase the mounting speed and to decrease the placement inaccuracy. Besides, I have taught new component types to the machine’s automatic component recognition function to be able to replace the slow component placement done by operators by automatized mounting.

Tests were carried out on severeal component types by changing the parameters of mounting speed and acceleration. Optimal parameter sets were found to achieve faster assembling without raising the mounting inaccuracy.

At certain types of components, where patterns were found at the rate of inaccuracy, I have decreased the placement errors by making corrections in the mounting programme. With this method, I have suceeded in adjusting the machine to be able to mount very precisely such fine-pitch components that the machine is not capable to mount according to the data int he machine manual.

During my work, I have mounted several hundreds of different types of surface mount components. The placement accuracy was measured with different measurement methods at test assemblies made using different machine settings. The oncoming measurement results and the exeprience gathered during the experimental work provided a comprehensive knowledge to be used for solving problems in such cases in the future.


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