Developement of tablet based HMI for intelligent go-cart

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My master thesis has been prepared at Robert Bosch kft, in a team of trainees asigned to develop new features for the gokart created for a race in 2015. The original development is also done by a team od trainees, like it is done now. The task of the group was to refactor the code, repair or change the corrupted parts, implement the circuits that were used in a breadboard and implement the functions, which were originally planned, but not yet finished in lack of time.

My task was to replace the current microcontroller based HMI with an android program. The new HMI has to contain new features in addition to the old ones. These functions are contaioned by three different views of the application. The original HMI is one of these views.

The application provides an interface to activate the functions available in the gokart and modify the optionally present settings of these functions. With the help of the application the a tablet can be used as a remote controller for the gocart. Durring remote control it still provides possibility to activate the relevant functions that can be activated safely.

After the initializing screen the live data coming from the gokart is visible on the screen. This data is the speed, acceleration, battery level, position of the gokart and the tablet. This view is records the data and stores it on the tablet by default. It also provides possibility to replay the recorded files.


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