Developement of board game onto social network in flash

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis, I'm exploring the development of social applications from economic and technological points of view and presenting the design and implementation of an online board game application. This application is based on databases, server-side and client-side scripts and uses various services, provided by Facebook. Many popular web technologies were applied to implement the system of my application, for example, MySQL database and PHP scripts; for the data transfers XML, JSON structures and JavaScript codes were also used. The board game is created in Adobe Flash, as it is the most efficient platform to create dynamic and interactive content for the web. The majority of social games are built on Flash platform. In order to achieve seamless integration, I was thoroughly studying the Facebook application programming interfaces. The expository of the subject is followed by a short overview of the applied technologies. Then I specify the main steps and models of the development process, present the interesting solutions, the encountered problems and the structure of the implemented application. Finally I summerize the experiences of the development and the further potentials.


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