Process controller upgrade for a pill coating device

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis is about improving a tablet coating machine which was installed at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country. My task was to increase the degree of reliability of the coating machine, implement user demands at level of controlling and visualization, and last but not least test the developed components.

Before I started to do my task, I had to work on the control currently in place which was written in ladder diagram, function block and structured assembly language. After I had learnt everything that was needed, I have started to upgrade the program code on the basis of the requested modification. Besides, I had to elaborate a solution which ensures fast and smooth restoration in case of accidental breakdown. Furthermore, I got to know the functions of the database and the reporting components and in possession of this knowledge I could modify them in the light of implementing new functions.

All in all, I have solved my tasks successfully and the installation of the tablet coating machine was accomplished. Of course, before the production there were countless tests and the upgraded machine have passed them all.


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